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In January 2009, Trealmont Chartering Inc. joined forces with Trade Lane Solutions Inc. to form Trealmont Trade Lane Inc. Trealmont Chartering, as part of the Trealmont Transport Group, brings over 80 years of experience operating through dedicated offices in Canada and the U.S., and Internationally through an established global network of brokers, terminals, carriers, and agents. Our logistics professionals combine an integrated logistics philosophy and marine network that provide clients with cost effective door to door logistics solutions and back shop support services, a combination that enables effective competition in today's constantly changing global economy

Established in 1998 under the skilled direction of Mr. Robert Rabnett and based in Vancouver, Trade Lane has handled close to one million tonnes per annum of forest products by ship, road and rail, and offered a full range of client specific services including strategic logistics planning, cargo and ship broking, freight negotiation and coordination, contract administration, claims resolution, berth scheduling and freight market analysis.

The integration of our combined expertise and resources will further strengthen our ability to offer shippers the range of logistics solutions, services, and consulting they require to successfully compete in the global market place.

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Ernie Troiani Port Superintendent t. (514) 908 - 0001
c. (514) 458-0677
Bob Rabnett Managing Director t. 604-640-7490
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